Dear Katharina,
I am excited to share this little story with you!  For the last two+ weeks, I have been wrestling with a horrible virus.  It came with a mean sore throat and much congestion.  Yesterday, after two weeks, I was feeling defeated to be still clogged up and sneezing.   
A few days ago, your pendant arrived.  I was immediately charmed by the beauty of it...I love the heart and the way it is embedded into the front of the piece, and the protective lettering on the back.  I decided that I would wait till I felt better to wear it, so that I could truly feel the effects of it.  
Last night after getting your letter, I decided to wear the pendant.  I adjusted the cord so that it lay over my heart and felt happy to have it on.  A couple of hours later, I noticed that I hadn't been running to the tissue box.  For the first time in two weeks, my head and chest felt clear!!!!  Delighted with this new pendant, I decided to sleep with it.  Today I woke feeling almost completely well.
Granted I was on the road to getting better.  But the shift that occurred once I started wearing the pendant was substantial.  So, at this taxing time of bitter cold weather and Donald Trump politics, I am so happy to have this pendant.  It is giving me a definite feeling of being balanced and protected.
Katharina, is this typical of how these pendants work?  Honestly, it was a surprise to find it so powerful.

and the PS later:

PS - Katharina, I am wearing the pendant under my sweater and close to my heart today. As is usual, since Trump got in, I am checking my iPhone for my daily dose of scary political news. But today, I am not getting the usual knot in my belly. I have a sense of inner calm, and I don't feel threatened as I often do. Is this from wearing the pendant? I don't ever want to take it off!! xo

M.B.   New York

Alicia Savage on Dec 14, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

They are beautiful in the pictures, but more beautiful in person and their energy is lovely! My children and I are enjoying it.

Patcharanat on Dec 13, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

The product looks better than the pictures! The response was prompt and I received my package faster than I expected. I'm very happy with the pink pyramid. The energy is soft yet strong. For its size, it covers a much bigger space than I thought and I can feel a difference in the house - much lighter and 'cleaner'. Although I cannot tell how but, compared to the other orgone products I have, this one feels 'steady' and 'thorough' - perhaps it has to do with the added Tesla plate. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase and will definitely order again!

I Love pendant, cone and purple pyramid .. especially as I am working on the computer most of the day. It makes a huge difference to my energy level!

It is a great protection against the EMF that emanates from my computer and phone. I also have a pyramid under my computer which I truly feel the difference in my office energy, the calm energy it brings in my workspace and to the children and parents who visit me.

Patricia from Bangkok on Jan 2018

This little dome with red carnelian is a very powerful device. When I hold it in my hand I feel a soft and warm energy, like ripples pulsating softly, and they expand and envelop my whole body. I feel the pulsation in my energy field and its like invisible sunshine that gives me the feeling of satisfaction. Simple and not emotional, just a very calm feeling of peace and gratitude. I keep it around me to stabilize my energy field and the good feeling in my home.

Lee On Aara, January 2018

Katharina Bless