Original Tesla "Free Energy" Plates from Switzerland

In this homepage you find the information about Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich. Both genius that have not been recognized for what they have done for humanity. In the case of Tesla, even many of his patents are now assigned to others... but he was the first to discover X-ray .... and  to transmit radio waves.
All the products that I make for your protection and well being are based on the findings of Tesla and Reich. I added some ancient symbols for protection, healing and success from the stars to even make them more powerful.

The Origin of the Swiss Tesla Plates

Nikola Tesla himself used similar plates in several patents. He called them antennas for free energy. They are transferring information from the "Schumann-Field" into the human aura. Therefore, the human organism, and any other living organism, can bring itself back into an equilibrium on several levels and the vibrational frequency increases. The Tesla Plates not only to work as antennas but also as transmitters. Their field penetrates every material with positive energy. This can be tested today and you find some tests here.

The "Schumann-Field" is the natural magnetic field between the Ionosphere and Earth's surface. Dr. Schumann was a physicist from Munich, who detected the biological effectiveness of this field. Every living organism on earth needs these stimuli. Especially we human beings react very strongly, if our connection to this field is disrupted.

Natural disturbances can occur because of effects of the weather. Other reasons my be due to technical influences like AC, machines, motors, broadcast stations etc. Shielding from this natural field occurs very often in cars and ferro-concrete buildings.

Tesla called the Schumann field an energetic matrix for the life on Earth; a magnetic field and information storage at the same time. Remember, we too use magnetic fields for storage in audio- and videotapes, computer-discs etc.

Today's Purple Tesla Plates were made very well known by the book "Star Signs" (click the title to read an excerpt) by the famous writer and astrologer Linda Goodman. She attributed the most marvellous characteristics to these plates.

The Tesla Plates offered here are manufactured in Switzerland, where they have been further developed. They come in different sizes, forms and colours, for different purposes. 

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Formerly known as “radio wave sickness,” hyperelectrosensitivity causes a wide range of symptoms including: headaches, dizziness and nausea to immune abnormalities and heart palpitations. Even more disturbingly, up 35 percent of the population now experience some of these symptoms as a result of their exposure to these alarmingly high frequency vibrations.

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