Available Tesla "Free Energy" Products

The Crystalloid Phone Discs neutralize/prevent negative radiation from the Mobile Phones
The Crystalloid Phone Discs neutralize/prevent negative radiation from the Mobile Phones

Tesla plates help to protect us from the radiation of mobile phones microwaves and electro-smog

There are several designs for you to chose.

I am not selling the plates anymore but use them for my Orgone-Tesla products. Here is the link where you can order them

Our biggest subtle health enemies today are the microwaves and the electro-smog from cell phones, tablets and computers.

The more obvious things that make us sick are the junk-foods, soft drinks, GMO's etc. We can still improve the quality for our body if we put them on a purple Tesla plate to neutralize many poisons. 

Still, it is recommended to eat more healthy food and consider that our body is the most precious possession we have. All the status symbols won't help when the body is dying.

Please read this article, this  is proof that the Tesla Plates work:

Test Results from NIR Group

Radiant Health and Safety Division, Malaysian Nuclear Agency

Date 02/12/2014

by Zulkifli Bin Yusof (Assistant Engineer) and Noor Ezati Binti Shuib (Research Officer)

This article below shows how much damage can be done by mobile phones. But there is no solution and we can't go back and live without them. But we can protect ourselves with the Tesla Plates.

Your cordless phone is bombarding you with microwave radiation

Posted by: Dena Schmidt, staff writer in EMF Pollution April 29, 2015


With all of the focus on the dangers of cell phones and EMF pollution, not as much has been discussed about the significant dangers posed by cordless phones. However, when it comes to microwave radiation, cordless DECT phones (DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) are actually even more dangerous than cell phones.

We, at NaturalHealth365, have been highlighting the dangers of EMF pollution – for some time now. But, the problem remains, most people find this information hard to ‘digest’, especially when you consider that it’s an invisible threat. (Unlike toxic pesticides in our food supply)

When you double the microwave radiation, you double the cancer risk

Not only does a cordless DECT phone transmit electromagnetic radiation while you’re using it; it’s also continually emitting microwave radiation from its base even when not in use. (Cell phones transmit harmful radiation while not in use as well). When not in use, cordless DECT phones are emitting radiation from both the handset and the base on a continual basis in your home.

Let’s be honest: Microwave radiation from DECT phones create a toxic environment in the home and even for your neighbors; these harmful effects can radiate through walls and travel significant distances. In fact, Andrew Goldsworthy, BSc PhD of Imperial College in London as well as many other experts believe cordless DECT phones are more dangerous than cell phones


Microwave radiation is a known carcinogen risk, according to a May 2011 World Health Organization press release. In addition, a Swedish study published in 2006 showed that the use of cordless DECT phones increased cancer risk. In this study, patients with malignant brain tumors were shown to have a significantly higher cancer risk in those persons who used DECT phones instead of a cellular phone. Persons who used both phone types had an even higher cancer risk.

Editor’s note:  Being exposed to microwave radiation increases cellular inflammation and stress levels in the body.  If you’re a healthcare provider – be sure to warn your patients about the dangers of EMF pollution to lower the risk of cancer.

Simple ways to reduce your EMF exposure

The best step you can take is to replace cordless DECT phones with corded models. For those not willing or ready to take this step, at the very least, cordless phones should be positioned in a spot in the home where the family spends the least amount of time. They should also be unplugged at night; ideally, DECT phones should only be plugged into the wall when they are being used.

Other tips include using the speakerphone function whenever possible and keeping calls short. Another possible option for those who want to stay cordless while minimizing cancer risk is to switch to a low-radiation, eco-friendly model of the DECT phone.

Tips for reducing harmful radiation exposure from cell phones include:

  • Never wear a cell phone “on” the body
  • Always use a hands-free corded earbud or the speakerphone function
  • Turn cell phones off when not in use
  • Do not sleep in the same room with any cordless phone or cell phone

That being said, it seems like putting up with a cord is a small price to pay for better overall and long-term health. Extremely long cords for landline phones are available, so you don’t have to be worried about being tethered to one portion of the home. Even better, corded phones don’t have batteries that lose their charge, so you’re free to talk as long as you like.

These simple measures – mentioned in this article – go a long way toward reducing stress in your life and the risk of disease. Why not make the effort?


Katharina Bless