Tesla-Orgone Products

Orgone-Tesla Energy devices: Pendants, Pyramids, Domes and Cones

  Nicola Tesla
has discovered free energy for every one already at the end of the 19th century. Dr. Wilhelm Reich has discovered the energy of Orgone in the early 20th century.

Unfortunately the controlling elite in Europe did not allow such powerful devices and both genius moved to the USA, the new world of freedom, hoping that they could bring their powerful blessings to humankind. But also in the Americas, it was not possible to release the free energy as you all know, we still pay for electricity…!!

Still, people didn't give up and went on with research! There are powerful little helpers around today. The information is seeping through!

I have experimented with combining the two energies, the Tesla plates and the Orgone technique and the results are very satisfying! I created pendants, cones, pyramids which contain the Orgone energy and a Tesla plate. They protect from any electromagnetic pollution, microwave and and other harmful frequencies. In addition I have encoded them with ancient symbols for detox, health and healing, abundance, success and protection against interference with our free will and mind control.

Area of protection:

A pyramid has a radius of protection of about 20m (=65 feet) which is a sphere of 40m diameter (130 feet)

4 cm Cone radius of 10m (32 feet) which is a sphere with a diameter of 20m (64 feet) sphere protection.
5cm Cone radius: 10-15 m (- 48 feet), sphere with a diameter of 30 m (96 feet)
6cm Cone radius: 15-20 m (- 64 feet), sphere with a diameter of 40 m (128 feet)

The Domes are very decorative too and have a softer impact, but not lesser.
The radius of the small 4 cm Dome is around 5-10m (16- 32 feet) = sphere of 10 to 20 m (32-64 feet)

The big 5cm Dome with big Tesla Plate is 10 -20 m (32 – 64 feet) = sphere of 20-40m (64-128 feet)

The pendants you can wear for protection anywhere you go, especially if you work on a computer in an office and are outside your own protected place.
The protection area of a pendant is a sphere with a diameter of about 2-3 meters (6.5-10 feet).


There are several different colors and each with a different effect. If you need for the day a revitalizing color like yellow, red or orange, it will help you to stay alert and efficient. Make sure you take it off in the evening,otherwise you might have problems to sleep.

The colors green, blue and violet, are more relaxing and also can be put near the bed to help to relax better.
The encoded star- symbols in all the products are the same. The details are below on this page, please scroll down.

Since about 3 decades I use Tesla plates and when I was introduced to the Orgone products by a friend, I started to test things out myself and discovered, that if we make devises with both energies combined, their energy field is massively expanded and stronger.
This is very exciting! Hence, I started to create more of the energy devises and now made a hobby out of it and create all kind of Orgone/Tesla pendants, pyramids, cones etc. I am ready to offer them now for your protection against malevolent and harmful energies.

All my products are encoded with Star Glyph with the following activation, done by sound with my singing crystal bowls:

- supporting good intentions and preventing disaster. This glyph is the primeval force of earth and enables us to develop the same energy potential like a nuclear power station but on a spiritual level. I creates order in Chaos, helps to vigorously translate difficult plans into action and directs the energy flow into purpose. Success energy.

- a “package of several energies dedicated to repair and detoxification on all levels. The synthesis of these free energies optimize molecular structure and generate positive flow towards the existing laws of nature. No detrimental energy to health can remain and a fresh flow of life energy remains.

- another symbol helps to release obsolete ideas that joy, happiness and enjoyment tempt us to turn away from life that is pleasing in the sight of “God”; promoting the zest for life and fulfilled sexuality; in enables us to relish life without addiction or excess. It helps us to see the the positive and fun in life and enjoy it without bad conscience.

- healing symbol which also helps to relieve pain. This symbol has an extraordinary intensity and it's force originates in the primeval central sun, it was used by the great Masters to heal.
Our physical body is a duplicate of the astral body. When this energy is activated, it starts on the astral body and then affects the physical body. However, the reaction of the physical body depends on the level of consciousness and a persons karma.

- symbol against all foreign energies that have a negative impact on humans, animals and locations.

- a protector of dimensions which meant that humans cannot be transported from their level of reality against the will.

- positive protection symbol for every one and every thing that should thrive and grow. It is suitable for newborn infants, children, adolescents (animals/plants) and can be used for ideas and projects. Helps on the threshold of a new section of life. (Walnut in the Bach Flower remedies – energy of break through)

- release from mental shackles and blockages and restrictive cognitive patterns: neutralizing blockages and blackouts of the negative spirit.

Tachyon-Energy: harmonizes the personal electromagnetic field with the local force field of earth and activates the vortex-like whirling of biophotons when vital energy is weakened from the outside. It refines and intensifies the perceptive of physical and mental sensory organs, acts as particle accelerator in physics and strengthens the ideological sense of responsibility for the planet. Prevents the power centered control and manipulation of our thoughts, accelerates the development of personal consciousness and deletes harmful energy programs, eg. educational patterns.

In this video above you can see so clearly how this piezo electricity works. Now you can  better imagine that in an Orgone device, when the crystal is compressed due to the curing process of the sap ( in the case of these products it's the epoxy ) it shrinks and keeps a constant pressure that releases tiny sparks of electricity flowing.
The crystals mixed with metal (aluminum and copper) create this energy flow that makes the products so powerful. The constant release of a very small flow of electricity is creating a shield of protection and can enhance your personal life energy. 

You can compare it a little bit to a cardiac pacemaker, but this is not operated with a battery that needs replacement or even could fail.

None of these products ever need charging or cleansing, the tachyon energy is acting like an antenna, attracting free energy. 

Katharina Bless