How to use the Orgone/Tesla products

Orgone/Tesla devices send out "energy rings" like this.
Orgone/Tesla devices send out "energy rings" like this.

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They create an energy field and send out energy. The energy waves are going in all direction and build a sphere, like an energy bubble.

Since there are different materials inside of the product, organic and inorganic that create a certain tension. Also, there are different "densities" to the waves and the space in between. THe gadget is pulsating and not static. There is a constant energy pulse going out from it.

The Tesla Plate is an Tachyon device. It acts like an antenna and draws energy from the cosmos. These products never have to be cleaned or recharged. They clean and recharge themselves.

Place the cones, domes or pyramids in a central place of the room/house you want to protect. Those who use a pendulum or rod, check it out, the device will let you know where the best place is.

Many people tell me that once they started to wear a pendant, they "kind of feel naked" without it and want this energy with them. They feel a difference from before and some say they are more calm, some more active, some tell me that people around them suddenly are nicer ...


Each pendant is a very powerful protector and give you a radius of 2-3 meters "wall" of positive energy that is not easily penetrated. It protects  you from all kind of electro magnetic and other wave lengths that are not good for our body.

The pendants have their own will. I have a blue pendant that I wear near the heart and one day I tried to put it on a shorter silver chain because I was wearing a blouse with a deeper neckline. I had to take it off within a few minutes, the energy was just not suitable and shot into my head.
Therefore check it out where you like to wear it and adjust the string or necklace you use for them.
If you use warm/hot colours, make sure you don't wear them at night, they might not let you sleep.


are available in 3 different size and have a build a very powerful energy protection field of 20-40 meter diameter.

They are made with different crystals and metals, and also some organic materials from my garden to make them even more effective. Since several years I grow organic vegetables, fruits, tea etc. myself and mostly live from my land. My friend convinced me to add some of it because the energy here is amazingly strong. So I use mainly dried lemon grass and Roselle. These are both healing herbs that we use in cooking and herbal teas.

In the cones there also are Tesla plates and the encoded symbols channelled from the stars.


are easy to use and can be put beside the computer, the night stand beside your bed for many different purposes, depending on your needs.

They are very decorative and probably nobody would anticipate that they are much more than something nice to look at. The energy reaches about 3-5 meters from where they are placed. That covers an area of diameter of about 6-10 meters. They are 'softer' than the cone or pyramid. Therefore they are more ideal for a bedroom or a small office.

There are Domes available in different colours. According to the stones and colours, they have a different effect. Some are calming, some are energizing and revitalizing.

In addition to different qualities of colour and stones, they all have a protection function and are encoded with symbols to enhance life quality.


are very powerful and create a protective field for a whole house. If you place a pyramid with Orgone and Tesla tachyon energy in your house, you create a strong force field of protection.

All the pyramids are also encoded with positive and protective symbols. According to the colour you choose, you can have a more calming or revitalizing energy.

Katharina Bless