Today there is much proof of the EMF dangers!

Time to wake up... the Electro magnetic pollution is going to kill us all

Did you know that  the coming 5G is operating at 24-90 Giga Hertz?

This is 9 billion electromagnetic waves per second...

Our normal functioning Brain is operating, depending if it's resting or processing information between:

Gamma waves: 40-100 HZ

Beta waves: 12 - 40 HZ

Alpha waves 9-12 HZ

Delta wabes 0-4 HZ

and these are Hertz ... not Giga Hertz

The coming 5G is a biological weapon, microwave warfare!

WARNING: 9 out of 10 popular cell phone models exceed regulatory limits for radiation

Data released by France’s National Frequency Agency, ANFR, paints a very different picture of cell phone radiation danger. They found that nine out of ten popular phones that were found “compliant” in earlier lab tests were far above the legal limits when tested in ways that reflect how people actually use and carry their phones.

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On this page I add a compilation of articles about the EMF

I have done a lot of research in the last 30 years on Tesla Plates and lately also Orgone, and am still experimenting with the combination. This helps to protect from EMF and I wear a pendant every day and have some other devices in my house. I can feel clearly how irritated I am when I forget to put on my pendant and go to town and how tired I get when I am in places with lots of WiFi and EMF.

Paul Héroux, Ph.D, professor of toxicology, explains how EMFs cause biological damage and even cancer


The mechanism of action proposed by Héroux involves the enzyme ATP synthase, which passes currents of protons through a water channel (similar to current passing through a wire). The protons have to go through about 20 molecules of water to get through this channel. ATP synthase is extremely ancient and common to all living systems. It basically generates energy in the form of ATP from ADP, using this flow of protons.

Magnetic fields can change the transparency of the water channel to protons, thereby reducing the current. As a result, you get less ATP, which can have systemwide consequences, from promoting chronic disease and infertility to lowering intelligence.

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Danger to your health!

Cell phones have been classified as a possible carcinogen since 2011. Since then, numerous studies have confirmed that the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emitted by cell phones can indeed cause anomalous cell growth and cancer, according to a Waking Times article

Cell phone EMF radiation causes DNA and cellular damage

Constant exposure to radiation is known to have serious effects on health. Since cell phones constantly talk to cell towers via microwave energy and we usually have them near us, we are almost always exposed to the microwave radiation they emit.

Another very informative article you can find here:

Rampant mobile phone use causing brain tumors to skyrocket… while corporate-run media remains in denial

(Natural News) Is your cellphone giving you brain cancer? New research highlights the potential dangers of increased mobile phone use. Cellphones have become ubiquitous in Western societies, and now evidence suggests that they could be behind the dramatic rise in a rare type of brain tumors.

Experts say that cases of a malignant brain tumor known as Glioblastoma Multiforme (or GBM) have doubled since 1995. GBM is an aggressive and often fatal type of cancer, and used to be far less common than it is today — now there are nearly 3,000 cases of GBM in England alone

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Large-scale study links cell phone radiation and brain cancer

Monday, June 04, 2018 by:

Your cell phone may increase your risk of brain cancer, according to a study.

An expert review panel looked at a $25-million study carried out by the National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program (NTP). The panel discovered that radio-frequency radiation emitted from cell phones was linked to heart and brain tumors, providing evidence of carcinogenicity, at least in animals. Researchers of the NTP study exposed thousands of rats to two types of radiation emitted by cell phones for a period of nine hours each day, starting in the womb and ending with their natural deaths.

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This is from the book 'Electrosmog', by Dominique F. Rolle

Electro-smog is technically generated radiation that changes the natural electrical flow of the organism. This can be medically demonstrated, for example, by changes in brain activity (EEG), decreasing blood viscosities (dark-field microscopy), changes in hormonal balance or increased cell growth disorders. This also applies to those people who do not describe themselves as electro-sensitive.

Today, the area-spanning microwave radiation of mobile phones accounts for the largest proportion of electro-smog.

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