Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Father of Orgone Therapy

Dr. Wilhelm Reich


Orgone is an energy that Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered (better: named, many have discovered it and used other names). He was born in Austria in 1897 and studied Psychology at the University of Vienna. As the deputy director of the Vienna Ambulatorium, he was a psychoanalyst in the second generation after Freud and known as one of the most radical figures in the psychiatry in his time. Hes approach to liberate sexuality and the promotion of “free sex” in this time cost him his reputation and eventually he fled to the US to escape the Nazis.

He realized that the biological energy (which I would call life energy) that is within and around us, can be created with certain methods. In the '40s he started to build orgone accumulator. His patients could sit in them to benefit from the orgone energy and experience healing in many ways. But the Newspaper stories started to spread rumors about his sex boxes claiming to cure cancer.

He called this energy “orgone” coming from the word “orgasm”. Every person who ever experienced an orgasm knows that there is a strong energy flow involved which creates the ecstasy that humanity craves for. But in fact it's more than just an physical/energetic event which many don't realize. Other things are happening on subtle levels, but this is another story. We stay with the energy factor here. We also call this energy life energy, prana, chi etc.

Reich was finally imprisoned (not surprising…) tons of his publications were burnt (sounds like witch hunt) and died from a heart failure in 1957, just a few days before he was due to apply for parole(….what a coincidence!!??)

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Orgastic potency

Further information: Orgastic potency

Reich lived for a time on Berggasse in Vienna (seen here in 2010), where Freud lived at number 19

Beginning in 1924 Reich published a series of papers on the idea of "orgastic potency," the ability to release the emotions from the muscles and lose the self in an uninhibited orgasm, an idea that Freud came to call Reich's "Steckenpferd" (hobby).[50] Reich argued that psychic health and the ability to love depended on orgastic potency, the full discharge of the libido: "Sexual release in the sex act must correspond to the excitement which leads up to it."[51] He wrote: "It is not just to fuck ... not the embrace in itself, not the intercourse. It is the real emotional experience of the loss of your ego, of your whole spiritual self."[52] He argued that orgastic potency was the goal of character analysis.[53]

Whereas Reich's work on character was well received by the psychoanalytic community, Sharaf writes, his work on orgastic potency was unpopular from the start and later ridiculed. He came to be known as the "prophet of the better orgasm" and the "founder of a genital utopia."[54]

In the process of creating his orgone accelerator, he discovered that non organic materials and organic products mixed together in layers act as magnet to this energy. He used metal sheets (non organic) and wood (organic) layered on top of each other to achieve the result of spontaneous healing. He created a “box” where people could sit in and the results were so threatening to allopathic medicine that he created even more enemies and, as mentioned before, eventually was put in prison.

Reich's orgone theory was not lost and rediscovered as a great healing tool to help to realign the physical and sublte body (bodies) and harmonize the frequency which has a healing effect.

All over the world people started to make orgone devises using modern materials like resin and metal combinations with addition of crystals and other gem stones as energy generators of different quality and effect.

There are two kind of orgone (OR), one is beneficial for health, one is life destroying. It's the natural polarity we find every where. The deadly Orgone (DOR) is connected with electro smog coming from fluorescent lamps, mobile phones, computers, which includes deadly frequencies like ELF etc. Often people feel sick when they are working in such energy conditions and slowly develop lethal symptoms in the body. For example brain cancer is only known since people use mobile phones.

Since about 3 decades I use Tesla plates and when I was introduced to orgone products from a friend, I started to test things out myself and discovered, that if we make devises with inserted Tesla plates, the energy is massively reinforced. This is very exciting and I started to create more of the energy devises and now made a hobby out of it! It got even further and I started to create all kind of Orgone/Tesla pendants, pyramids, cones etc. and offer it as an energy devise for your protection against DOR and you can buy them.

The feed backs are really positive!

Katharina Bless