Tesla Free Energy Plates

Nicola Tesla was one of the most incredible genius in human history
Nicola Tesla was one of the most incredible genius in human history

Nicola Tesla - 
the Genius who lit the World

"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine"  --  Nikola Tesla

Many machines and gadget attributed to others, where in fact inventions from Nicola Tesla. He demonstrated them first already a hundred years ago:

Radio, radar, X-ray, fluorescence lighting, wireless energy transmission, remote control,  and much more ....

The info in this video below is very powerful, unfortunately it is a very stupid computerized voice! Its more than the usual info...

Nicola Tesla the genius who lit the world
Nicola Tesla the genius who lit the world

Tesla was the inventor of alternative current and practically every invention  which we use and misuse today in the modern world. There are people who want to remove Tesla and his inventions from our textbooks because they include free energy, wireless transmitted electricity, particle beam weapons, electromagnetic propulsion systems and much more.

If, many years ago, his transmission tower would not have demolished, we might have wireless and free electricity in the world today and cars operated by pollution free energy....

But it all came to a stop because because one (J.P. Morgan) can’t put a  meter to a wireless energy system to charge money!

This is not science fiction, Nicola Tesla was driving his car already more than 70 years ago with free energy and without any pollutants.

Tesla with his coil sitting in high frequencey unharmed!
Tesla with his coil sitting in high frequencey unharmed!

What we are able to offer here are the Free Energy Tesla plates

Experience from Katharina Bless

I use the Tesla Purple Plates since ~ 1985 with the best experience for food etc.

In ~ 1993 I bought my first mobile phones because I lived in a house with no phone then. I hardly could use it and f I did, I had painful headaches after being on the phone for only a few minutes. I gave it away when I moved and never wanted to use a mobile phone again.

It took me over 10f years to buy one again, when my mother came to stay with me in 2006. I had to be reachable in a case of emergency. By then, the Crystalloid phone discs were available and I could use my cell-phones without getting head aches ~ no problem anymore!

When I found out and put one on my new phone I understood the Tesla Plates even better, it added a different dimension to it's functioning!

Until today, if I have to use the mobile phone of someone else I feel immediately like pinching needles in my ear and a dull pain expanding into my head within seconds. Many people report similar symptoms. I have recommended the Crystalloid disc to many people and they use them with much success. 

Katharina Bless