Tesla-Orgone Products

Orgone-Tesla Energy devices: Pendants, Pyramids, Domes and Cones

  Nicola Tesla
has discovered free energy for every one already at the end of the 19th century. Dr. Wilhelm Reich has discovered the energy of Orgone in the early 20th century.

Unfortunately the controlling elite in Europe did not allow such powerful devices and both genius moved to the USA, the new world of freedom, hoping that they could bring their powerful blessings to humankind. But also in the Americas, it was not possible to release the free energy as you all know, we still pay for electricity…!!

Still, people didn't give up and went on with research! There are powerful little helpers around today. The information is seeping through!

I have experimented with combining the two energies, the Tesla plates and the Orgone technique and the results are very satisfying! I created pendants, cones, pyramids which contain the Orgone energy and a Tesla plate. They protect from any electromagnetic pollution, microwave and and other harmful frequencies. In addition I have encoded them with ancient symbols for detox, health and healing, abundance, success and protection against interference with our free will and mind control.

A pyramid has a radius of protection of about 20-30m (=65-95 feet) which is a sphere of 40-60m diameter (130-180 feet) and the 4 cm cone has a radius of 15m (50 feet) a sphere with a diameter of 30m (95 feet) sphere protection. If you put a pyramid in a house or a cone in an apartment or small house, the whole area is protected!

The Domes are very decorative too and have a softer impact, but not lesser. The radius of the Dome is around 3-5m (10-16 feet)

The pendants you can wear for protection anywhere you go, especially if you work on a computer in an office and are outside your own protected place. The protection area of a pendant is a sphere with a diameter of about 2-3 meters (6.5-10 feet). 

There are several different colours and each with a different effect. If you need for the day a revitalizing colour like yellow, red or orange, it will help you to stay alert and efficient. But make sure you take it off in the evening,otherwise you might have problems to sleep. The encoded messages in the pendants are the same, mentioned in this page.

Since about 3 decades I use Tesla plates and when I was introduced to the Orgone products by a friend, I started to test things out myself and discovered, that if we make devises with both energies combined, their energy field is massively expanded and stronger.
This is very exciting! Hence, I started to create more of the energy devises and now made a hobby out of it and create all kind of Orgone/Tesla pendants, pyramids, cones etc. I am ready to offer them now for your protection against malevolent and harmful energies.

Created by Katharina Bless