Orgone ~ Tesla Cones

Dome with shells, powerful protection and cleansing, Peridot, Adventurine S 49
Blue Dome for protection and good sleep, black tourmaline, clear quartz S49
Green Dome grounding, protection and healing, Peridot, Obsidian S49

The Domes are available in two sizes:

base ~ 4 cm/ 1.5 inch  and about 1.5 to 2 cm/1 to 1.6 inch high

base ~ 5 cm/ 2 inch  and about 2 to 2.5 cm/1 to 1.6 inch high

Domes with Orgone, the star symbols with Tesla plate

 4 cm Dome: protected area ~ 10m / 30 foot diameter   Price US$ 49

 5 cm Dome: protected area ~ 15m / 50 foot  diameter  Price US$ 59

Domes with Orgone, the star symbols (without Tesla plate)

4 cm Dome: protected area ~ 6.5 m / 19 foot diameter  Price US$ 35

5 cm Dome: protected area ~ 10m / 30 foot diameter    Price US$ 45

(one of the star symbols is activating Tachyon energy. The Tesla plates are Tachyon devices)

How to chose:

All the Domes marked in the description with S (small) or L (large) and the price. If you hover the mouse over the product you can also see the stones and meaning. To read about the meaning of the included stones, click here

In all the Domes there is Clear Quartz included, this is not mentioned extra!

Code: S49 = small Dome 49US$, L59 = large Dome 59US$ etc.

The organic materials I use to make the Orgone energy are clear quartz crystals (description here), in all devices combined with other semi precious stones. Each cone has a unique frequency and according to the color and stones, attract different energies.

The an-organic material are metals: gold and silver leaves, aluminum, copper, brass

In addition, each device contains a sound-activated symbol "package" channeled from the stars with runes for well being, abundance, protection and success.

And last but not least: for the beauty of the products I add all kind of decoration like colors, symbols, some of my Mandala paintings resized, glitter and ink techniques.

If you purchase a product and are familiar with the pendulum, rod or Kinesiology, please test out what kind of crystals would be best for you to be sure to chose the perfect one for your personal use.

The Domes are small devices you can carry around with you or put near your computer at the workplace or somewhere in the center of your apartment to enhance the energy and life quality around you. Some of the domes are ideal for into a bedroom to help to calm the energy there for a better sleep.

They are designed to protect you from electromagnetic pollution and other negative, harmful energies and to attract positive energies and good fortune.

All the products are hand crafted and each one is unique. Some are similar but not two of them completely the same. I have also included in some organic materials from my garden, like wood, lemon grass, Roselle, Pandan leaves etc., which are added to the devices according to their color and quality to further enhance the energy.

Created by Katharina Bless