The Crystals used for Soma Art Products

In all of our Tesla-Orgone devices are carefully selected crystals

In each of the Tesla-Orgone Pendants, Cones, Pyramids and other devices I make are crystals and the mentioned metal to create the energy effect.

For the pendants I need so make the crystals smaller and I grind them in my stone grinder, which actually was in my kitchen before to make the Thai curries... so no more spices, but crystals are meeting my stone grinder! Maybe the memory of the herbs spice the crystals too ;-)

Here please find a short description of the meaning of the semi- precious stones I use in my pendants, cones and pyramids:

Clear Quartz

is the most powerful healing amplifier because of it's unique helical spiral crystalline form. It absorbs and releases energy, regulates energy flow and unblocks. It helps to raise the energy to the highest possible level, stores energy and enhances psychic abilities.

Rose Quartz

attracts the energy of peace and unconditional love. It can trigger deep healing on all levels, self acceptance and self love. If we are not able to love ourselves, we won't be able to love someone else. It is a great healer in situations of trauma, shock or mourning.


is a very protective stone with a very high spiritual frequency. It is the color of the violet flame and protects against any psychic attacks. It has a sobering effect and calms the mind. If you feel scattered, it can help you to focus and centring. It is connected to the Divine Love (Agape).


has regenerative powers and enhances self-esteem and self-confidence. It activates the ability to manifest and attracts prosperity, success and good health. The solar energy in this stone helps to cleanse, transmute negative energies and repels negative energy, hence is very protective.


has a very fine vibration and brings not only clarity of mind but also helps to call angelic beings and higher guidance. The pure selenite is a link to the light-body. It is a clam and peaceful energy which is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. In our devices it is used together with either clear quartz, rose quartz or Amethyst.

Orange/brown Calcite

Energizing and cleansing stone. I helps to balance the emotions, to dissolve problems and maximize potential. On the physical level it is good for intestine disorders, irritated bowel and helps to remove mucus from the system.The orange calcite has many different shades from bright yellow to deep orange.

Tourmaline (black)

Cleanses, purifies and transforms negative energy, helps to ground and therefore balances the ethereal body. It is a powerful protector against negative entities and energies.


Amber is not a crystal in the real sense but it is crystallized resin. It is a powerful healer and draws disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalization. Stimulates the intellect and clears depression.


is a highly protective energy on a psychic level. It is especially good for discernment of outside influence. If it is about manipulation and negative influence, it will protect you from it and dissolve negative patterns, beliefs, fixations and brainwash. It brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution and increases self confidence and helps you to see the "bigger picture.


has the attributes of calming and at the same time encouraging, reducing stress and quiet the mind. The surrounding is being harmonized and it was believed in ancients times to counteract the forces of darkness. It attracts positive energies and spirits and was the talisman of sailors.
Aquamarine supports people with lots of responsibilities and helps them not to be overwhelmed and tired. It also supports creativity on all levels because it helps to keep the "channels" open and let intuition/inspiration flow.

Created by Katharina Bless