Tesla Tachyon and Orgone Energy

At Soma Art Studio new discovery: the powerful combination of ORGONE and TESLA Tachyon energy

Something really powerful came out of the testing and it was a great challenge to combine the Tesla and Orgone Energy in a proper way. It is a great success and the devices are very powerful.

They have been tested by several friends and clients, have a look at the Testimonials.

Since the mid 80's I have Tesla Plates in my household and since a decade I use them on my mobile phones and other gadgets.

I was introduced to Orgonite gadgets and bought some pendants to experiment.

The energy of Orgone is very positively powerful and has the ability to transform harmful energy into harmless and even healing vibes. It reminds me a bit of compost: the waste products are transformed into something positive to make things grow better. In this case, organic and inorganic materials are combined together to create a positive energy field.

The transforming character of Orgone and Tachyon energy of the Tesla plates combined results in a unique and highly active and positive product. The "glue" to hold them together I found in the Star Glyph which are sound activated and inserted into each gadget I make.

Tesla/Orgone Products

made by Katharina Bless at Soma Art Studio

My Orgone (or also called Orgonite) and Tesla/Orgone Pendants, cones, domes and pyramids are hand made and each has an unique design and composition.

I use pure and powerful materials creating many different designs to please the eye, so there should be something for every one who is interested in these energy products. Some of them also contain organic dried plants from my own garden.

For the protection of your area around the house, I also make very simple dome/cup shaped Orgonite. You can bury them in the soil around your house, recommended is to put one about every 12-15 meter. In all these Orgonite dome/cups I use the Orgone method and encode the symbols for protection and well being (explained below). They are not supposed to look good! Especially in case someone finds them, they are not taken away. No treasure hunt ...

If you want the area where you live protected, the best is to position a one of them at each corner of the property and one in the center. You can also use a pyramid, dome or cone shaped form in the house and keep it somewhere in the center.

There are embedded ancient Symbols in all my products

This was really fascinating and I started to make my own Orgone with Tesla plates included. In addition, I use ancient Symbols and encode all my pendants, Cones, pyramids etc. with the following energy:

- Detox and repair on all levels. Therefore detrimental energy to health can't remain and a fresh flow of energy is generated.

- Pain relief and harmonization of the physical, emotional and mental body

- Activating the energy of the astral body to balance

- bringing order into chaos, harmonize imbalance

- supporting good intention, preventing to attract negative events

- neutralizing life destructing programs

- activates the vortex-like whirling of bio-photons when vital energy is weakened from illness or the outside
- refines and intensifies the perceptive of physical and mental sensory organs

- activated Tachyon Energy

You can buy my products now directly from me

Pendants  - Pyramids  -  Cones  - Domes   Orgone with Tesla Plates

Pendants  -  Pyramids  -  Cones  - Domes   Orgone

The Orgone products (without Tesla plates)

Even though there is no Tesla plate included, in all of the products there is a similar Tachyon energy activated with the symbols inside. Each device I make is encoded with the message of the above mentioned information!

Tesla Plates and all the products are available in many colours:

purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and black.

Black: The black discs are neutralizing energetic pollution from cellphone, computers and all electromagnetic pollution, including negative energy from certain frequencies.

The other colours are specific in their energy frequency according to colour therapy:

Green (secondary colour, yellow and blue, tone F) is the colour or harmony and balance. It helps the nerves, cool down fever and is a general healing colour, as you can experience, when you let your eyes rest on beautiful green landscapes.

Yellow (tone E) is a light colour, the colour of abundance and to activate and alert the brain, clear thinking intelligence. Ideal for mental stimulation, to clear a foggy head. It attracts abundance on all levels.

Orange (secondary colour from red and yellow, tone D) helps to concentrate, energize your body and enhance the clarity of the brain. It gives you the stamina to go through a busy day with ease.

Red (tone C) this is the colour of power, the pure energy. It helps to vitalize and empower you and helps the blood circulation to run smoothly. It will energize you on all levels.

Violet/Purple (secondary colour red and blue, tone B) will connect you with your spiritual self and support you in your uniqueness. It is the colour to help you to move forward and change things in life to the better with ease.

Indigo, between blue and violet is the colour of intuition and perception and promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness.

Blue (tone G) is a cool and more heavy colour. It helps you to be calm, quiet and in harmony with yourself and the surrounding. It sooth the mind, cooling down hot tempers and brings a quiet atmosphere. Very good to place beside the bed at night for a relaxed sleep.

Some people even car hear the color. This is not common, but some individuals “hear” color, and they may see a specific piece of music or a chord or scale as a firework or waves of colors.

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Created by Katharina Bless